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August 2011

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Sometimes I want to punch a wall...or a puppy

If any of you have been subjected to rude waiters or cashiers you'll know a little bit how I feel right now. The difference being I have stutter I was born with and I have good days and bad ones,unfortunately today wasn't the best. But anyway, I got a job offer today!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! So I went to celebrate by buying myself a ridiculousy fattening latte and pastries. So I'm in line and EVERYTHING I said the girl interrupted and so it just frustrated me even more so she practically ordered for me and guessed what I wanted, rang me up and then walked away. So I ended up with 2 more pastries than I wanted and an iced coffee rather than the latte I wanted because she wouldn't let me speak a damn word. So pissed. I'll admit I've had worse waiters before but I guess because I was in a good mood with the job I was just more affected today by her rudeness. I've had waiters before that have grabbed the menu from me and started pointing to random things to guess what I wanted which results with me walking out and not doing business there again. A lot of times my twin sister or my best friends will just order for me so people don't act obnoxious. I mean really? I 've waited on people before and if a mentally challenged person comes in etc. and I can't understand what they are saying I NEVER interrupt them. I just with calmly ask if they can repeat what they said. I would be fine if someone did that but instead I get made fun of and whispered about. It's bitchy. And makes me just want to yell something along the lines of " F*ck YOU! You're a waiter, your job is to WAIT for me to finish a damn sentence and give me what I want." Anyway..........rant over.

In happy news... yes I got a job! At a nursing home. ( again!) Not what I want forever but I hope this time to save up money bc a friend and I are planning our move to the west coast for next fall once she graduates her nursing programme. So yeah after a year without a job I start the 25th of october and am super glad to have one again and will probaly be a lot more careful with spending this time. haha. I know how it is to go without so I'll be better with it now. But anyway HALLELUJAH!



I was having the opposite problem today, with rude customers. (You don't think you should pay sales tax because you don't pay it online? What? You think I'm a bitch because I won't run your unsigned credit card with no ID? I don't care if a different cashier did it earlier, she should have been written up for it.) Either way, I think everyone would be happier at stores and cafes if both sides just chilled a bit.